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Annadell Craig Lamb (pictured left, above) holds the record for longest tenure on the Phi Mu Foundation Board of Trustees, serving from 1963-1972 as a representative of National Council, from 1978-1984 as Vice President of the Board, and from 1986-1992 as the Board's President. In addition to her service to the Phi Mu Foundation, Annadell served the Fraternity on the National Council and as chairman and director of various boards. She also served as the National Historian from 1974 until at least 2002 and was the author of the histories of the Fraternity published in 1982 and 2002.

Annadell received a Bachelor's degree in journalism from Indiana University in 1947 where she was a member of Delta Alpha Chapter. After graduation, she took a position as Women's Editor of the Longsport, Indiana Pharos-Tribune. She married George Winton Lamb in 1949 and moved to Lafayette, Indiana, where she served as president of the Lafayette Alumnae Chapter and as an adviser for Delta Epsilon Chapter. In 1951, Annadell was appointed one of the first District Alumnae Directors, later becoming the Alpha Memorial Fund Chairman (1956-62) and Collegiate Development Director (1962-64). From 1964-1972, Annadell served on the National Council as Public Relations Director and then became Extension Director in 1972.

Annadell was the recipient of the Outstanding Alumna Member Award for Contribution to Phi Mu in 1986 and again in 1990. She has not, however, only been honored by Phi Mu. Annadell was named Woman of Note in 1998 for her service on the Lafayette Symphony Guild board and editorship of its newsletter. The Wabash & Erie Canal Association also honored her for her work on its board.


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