The First Issue of The Aglaia is Published, May 1907

The first issue of The Aglaia, called at the time "Phi Mu Aglaia," was published by Alpha Chapter in May 1907. Delegates to the first National Convention in June of that year voted to continue publication of The Aglaia of Phi Mu on a quarterly basis with an editor-in-chief from Alpha Chapter and assistant editors from each of the other chapters. Why the name Aglaia was chosen remains a mystery, as there is no explanation for it in any Phi Mu publication or correspondence of the time. Aglaia was one of the three Graces commonly mentioned in Greek mythology. In the mythology, Aglaia is said to stand for "brilliance" and to have control over pleasure and companionship. Perhaps it was this connection to companionship that attracted the early Alpha Chapter members to the name.


May 1907

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