The Phi Mu Star is Introduced, 1923

The Phi Mu Star, a convention newspaper issued daily, made its first appearance during the 1923 National Convention held on June 30-July 5, 1923 in Beverly Hills, California with Florence Merdian as editor. The magazine-style newspaper was distributed to all convention attendees and to subscribers at their homes. It contained pictures and news of convention business, schedules, social events, feature stories, and interesting items about convention delegates and officers. The Phi Mu Star would continue to be a part of each National Convention through 1940, when publication was suspended during World War II, and did not resume until the 1950 National Convention. There is no mention of The Star for the 1952 National Convention, and the 1954 Convention saw a daily "broadcast" in place of the publication. In 1956, The Phi Mu Star reappeared and would continue to be published uninterrupted until 1966. In the years since, only the 1974 Convention has had a Phi Mu Star, although a similar Phi Mu Convention News was published in 1978.