First Field Secretary (Chapter Consultant) Introduced, 1936

The need for Phi Mu headquarters to keep in close contact with the growing number of chapters led to the creation of the office of Field Secretary (later Chapter Consultant) at the 1936 National Convention. The Field Secretary - it was thought only one was needed at first - was tasked with traveling around the country to inspect both collegiate and alumnae chapters. Meta Shaw (Coleman), an alumna from Florida State and University of Georgia, was selected by the National Council as the first Field Secretary. First Vice President Gertrude Parsons Crehan remarked on the success and effectiveness of the position by saying "it has given a greater continuity to inspections, for it has made possible a longer inspection whenever necessary, and the chapter has derived a better national viewpoint." Although one Field Secretary was enough when the position began in the 1930s, by 1955 four were necessary and a customary staff of four or five continued into the 1980s. In 1978, the Field Secretary title was changed to Chapter Consultant. Today, 17 Chapter Consultants provide support to collegians around the country.


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